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  • Q: How do I become a build member?
    A: If you’re interested in representing Strict Standards- you can fill out the appropriate application under our Build Member’s page; “Apply”. Once a Strict Standards team member has reviewed your application an answer will be provided to you via e-mail as soon as a decision is final.
  • Q: What is your return and exchange policy?
    A: Our Returns Policy can be found at the bottom (footer) of this website, or can be found at the bottom of your checkout.
  • Q: How can I track my order?
    A: Prior to shipping, you will receive a confirmation e-mail indicating that your order is on it's way. In that e-mail will provide a tracking number. You can click that code via e-mail and a window will open with the current shipping process and current location. An estimate of when it'll arrive at your shipping address will be provided as well. You can also go too: and copy + paste your tracking code. Please note: isolated sticker orders will not receive tracking.
  • Q: Does Strict Standards provide international shipping?
    A: Yes! We do ship world-wide. Shipping times and prices will vary depending on the country / region you are ordering from. For further information, please visit our Shipping Policy.
  • Q: I’m seeing a double charge on my bank/credit card statement, did I get charged twice?"
    A: What you are seeing is a temporarily hold on your credit card placed by your bank or credit card company. It will be automatically removed within 3-5 business days, or contact your credit card provider support line. You will not be charged twice.
  • Q: 銀行/クレジットカードの明細書に二重請求が表示されていますが、2回請求されましたか?
    A: 表示されているのは、銀行またはクレジットカード会社によって発行されたクレジットカードの一時的な保留です。 3~5営業日以内に自動的に削除されるか、クレジットカードプロバイダーのサポートラインにお問い合わせください。 2回請求されることはありません。
  • Q: How do I pay for my order?
    A: We provide two payment options, which can be used at your comfortability with guaranteed safety and security! Payments can be made through PayPal, whether you have an account or not. Stripe is our credit card payment system, which allows for a variety of credit cards to be used as payment. Stripe is known for its security and safety of transactions. Our payment platforms provide the guarantee of built in buyer protection. To read further information about PayPal and Stripe, please familiarize yourself with the links below.
  • Q:  I found my build on one of the SS posts, how can I reach out to provide my information to be tagged?"
    A: Send us an email directly at with the information missing in our post. Please include a screenshot to reference the post.
  • Q: These questions didn’t help, how do I reach further assistance?"
    A: Please visit our contact us page and fill out the provided form as specifically as possible or reach out to us directly via e-mail at
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