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Do you believe the building of one’s car, is considered an art form?




Do you enjoy those early morning cruises, long days at the event venue- at the track or even just with your friends? 




Do you have those moments where you feel the shutter click at the tip of your finger- already knowing, it’s going to be a pure banger?




If you have an equal passion for anything automotive and anything media-surround yourself with other like-minded individuals on a global scale. 




We are looking for energetic, positive spirited individuals who have a passion for anything automotive, and media related! 




Those who attend shows, events- or an overall activist in the community will have higher chances to be accepted! 




Displaying fundamental knowledge with your media and portfolio plays huge factors towards the decision of your application. Being an industry professional is not required- but the provision of displaying a fundamental skill and knowledge for the art form is expected. 


メディア+ポートフォリオで基本的な知識を表示することは、アプリケーションの決定に大きな影響を与えます。 業界の専門家であることは必須ではありませんが、アートフォームの基本的なスキルと知識を示すことが求められます。


All accepted media members will receive a complimentary welcome package! 




Welcome packages include the following merchandise:

  • x1 Sticker of choice, non vinyl-based.  

  • x2 flight tag 

  • x1 9” Logo vinyl die-cut in your choice of finish.

  • x1 customized discount code for future orders 


All accepted media members will receive the insider towards new releases, leaks- and more! 




Further opportunities and benefits will arise for media members as we further progress as not just a brand- but as a supportive community and curation. 




Please fill out the form below to help us collect information about yourself as a photographer or videographer! 

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Application received!

Please note- any submitted images on your behalf grants SS permission to alter or edit the image for promotional footage.